On a Certificate of Origin only the HS code is required.  FTA Certificates of Origin require a HS Code to be assigned for each product. The HS code has six digits, is internationally recognised and published by the World Customs Organisation. The HS Code makes up the ‘Sub-Heading’ (1st 6 digits) of each New Zealand Tariff Statistical Code. Providing the HS code on non-preferential Chamber Certificates of Origin is optional. On New Zealand Customs import or export entries the full New Zealand 8 digit tariff code plus the 3 digit NZ statistical code is required.


From 1 January 2022:  HS 2022 replaceD HS 2017.

Click here to view the Correlation Table for codes changed between HS 2017 and HS 2022.

The “ex” prefix in front of the HS 2017 subheading indicates that the corresponding HS 2022 entry has taken only some of the types of goods (scope) covered by the HS 2017 subheading.

Click here to view the New Zealand statistical code correlation table HS2022 from HS 2017.   Corrections List January 2022
NZ Customs HS 2022 Revised Tariff information

For Reference: Correlation Table for codes changed between HS 2012 and HS2017 and for the NZ Customs Overview HS 2012 to HS 2017 Revised Tariff.


Need help to identify the correct HS Code?

Use the Tariff finder and type in a product description, search in the New Zealand Tariff, seek advice from your Customs Broker or enquire at:
New Zealand Customs Service, Valuation, Origin and Classification section. Email:


FTA Tariff Finder

To locate the preferential tariff rate which applies to your export good when imported under a Free Trade Agreement. Search by HS Code (1st 6 digits) on the New Zealand Government's Tariff FinderThe Tariff Finder is a useful indicator tool, but may not always be current. It is important to cross-reference information.


New Zealand Tariff

The Working Tariff Document of New Zealand. In this document you will be able to locate the HS Code / NZ Tariff sub heading  (6 digits) and the full New Zealand Statistical code (11 digits).  Search for a product in the Index or select the applicable Chapter and search for the product description or by HS Heading (1st 4 digits)

For an introduction to and better understanding of HS Codes view our Video Guide: