Speak with the volume of a collective voice and be heard above the rest.

The New Zealand Chambers of Commerce seek members' views and lobby and make submissions to central and local government of behalf of businesses. In their role as an advocate for business, the New Zealand Chambers of Commerce keep the community informed of issues and events that impact upon the business and economic environment. Each Chamber provides economic and legislative updates, as well as regular commentary for members.

Join the ultimate network and forge new relationships.

The New Zealand Chambers of Commerce hold a variety of business events each year including informal networking opportunities and after five evenings, giving access to a network of potential customers, suppliers and partners. Some of these are complimentary including milestone celebrations, economic briefings and business after 5 events.

Members enjoy exclusive access to promotional opportunities and activities such as print and online advertising, exhibiting and hosting events.

Exercise your ability to be the best you can and maintain a healthy business.

The New Zealand Chambers of Commerce offer members support through a range of business tools, services and initiatives.

These can include the 0800 CHAMBER advice line; professional business training and mentoring; online business advice and information; access to business tools, recruitment services and remuneration guidelines; and a comprehensive training calendar.

Break down the borders and tap into the world’s largest international business network.

Whether you are an importer or exporter, are looking for contacts in overseas markets, seeking a foreign investor or requiring international arbitration or market research, with our network of some 22,000 Chambers worldwide, we have the services to meet your needs.

Chamber members can find Trade Show or Trade Mission opportunities, attend conferences or seminars; get help with trade documentation; make trade enquiries and get expert importing or exporting advice, or use our global networking services through ICC.

Take advantage of collective buying privileges and get ahead in business.

Membership of the New Zealand Chamber of Commerce network provides you and your employees with generous savings on a diverse range of products and services.

Membership cards entitle members to business discounts and big savings can be made on petrol, stationery, telecommunications, computer hardware, electronics, whiteware, appliances, merchant fees, airpoints, adventure gear plus more. Depending on the region, members also enjoy the opportunity to promote their own discount or savings offers to fellow Chamber members.